Accused denies rape and says girl who slept with co-accused showed off about it.

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A pair of squatters have denied forcing two teenaged runaways to have sex with them and told a jury that one of the girls was proud to have taken part in the two-day ‘dirty weekend’.

Phillip Northmore and Ibrahim Jabri say the 15-year-olds joined them at the boarded up Robson House hostel in Honiton after running away from care and were happy to be there.

The two men and a friend are said to have broken into the empty hostel, which was being renovated, and spent a weekend there during which they shoplifted food and alcohol from nearby stores and held a weekend house party.

They did not realise the CCTV system was on and they were filmed with the two girls, one of whom was seen running naked down a corridor.

The footage also showed the girls were so drunk they were staggering around and bouncing off the walls.

The intruders are alleged to have caused more than £3,000 damage to the nine-room unit, which was about to be opened, and squirted tomato ketchup on the walls and furniture, including the message ‘ha ha’.

Jabri, 20, formerly of Sidmouth, denies raping one of the girls twice. Northmore, 29, of Wellington Road, Exeter, denies rape and sexual assault on the other.

They have been found not guilty of burglary with intent to do criminal damage after Judge John Neligan ruled there was no evidence they planned to vandalise the building before they went inside.

The jury has been told that Ashley Brennan, 19, of Pennsylvania Road, Exeter, and formerly of Lee Close, Honiton, was present at the time but does not form part of this case.

The prosecution say the girls ran away from care workers while on a supervised visit to Brean Fair in North Somerset in April and went to Honiton to meet Brennan, who was the boyfriend of one of them.

They went to Robson House, which the three men had already broken into, and joined them in a two day drinking spree fuelled by stolen vodka which prosecutor Mr Andrew Macfarlane described as ‘a dirty weekend’.

The Crown said that over the next night and day one girl was raped by Jabri and the other forced to take part in two sex acts by Northmore after her boyfriend, Brennan, had been arrested for shoplifting.

One of the two girls was found hysterical and sobbing in Honiton High Street after running away from the house and texting her social worker with the word ‘help’.

Northmore told Exeter Crown Court that he had not taken part in any sexual activity with the girl, who was distraught and crying because her boyfriend had been arrested.

He said he was filmed on CCTV coming out of the room naked but for his socks when he had just come out of the shower and was playing a prank on Jabri without realising one of the girls was with him.

He said Jabri and one of the girls had spent the night together and she made no complaint.

He said: ”I did not carry out any sexual acts with the girl who I was with. I did not pull her trousers down. I only took my own clothes off to go in the shower.

“Jabri was getting on very well with one of the girls. It sounds corny but they looked like they were all loved up.

“I saw them going to a bedroom together and in the morning she was proud of it. She was like showing off and said she had slept with Jabri.”

Jabri denies rape and says the girl consented and that he had no idea about her true age.

The trial continues.


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