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Our little parrot – 19 months

I’m beginning to wonder whether we have a parrot rather than a toddler – she copies everything we say! I really have to watch what I say in front of her and I am becoming quite creative with my alternatives to the usual curses! Even when she is the other side of the room, and I don’t think that she is listening, a little voice will pipe up and surprise me, often to comic effect! A few weeks ago I took her along to a doctors’ appointment and he was describing the potential effects of the painkiller he was prescribing me for sinusitis...

Carnival Capers

Axminster Carnival 2011 - RESULTS

THE indomitable spirit of carnival shone through brightly on a rain- lashed procession night at Axminster on Saturday.

Cold and wet they may have been, but the entries battled on bravely to complete the route with a smile on their faces - cheered on by crowds equally determined not to let the weather spoil the town’s big night.

And although takings were understandably down organisers were still pleased with the final result of over £1,273.

There was special praise for the walking entrants who maintained a remarkably high standard despite the conditions.

A carnival spokesman told The Herald: “We were extremely pleased to have a lot of young people taking part in the carnival this year...

James Chubb

A Garden Pond From Scratch

One year on...

After yet another harsh winter, I can't believe my fish are still going strong...

Ski Blog

Nature Notes

The common crane

This winter has thrown up three special bird species for the "patch" – though, alas, no waxwings this time around! Crossbills, a grey phalarope and most recently two common cranes have found sanctuary in the area...

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